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With capital preservation as the priority, PWA’s investment strategies remain flexible, responding to market dynamics as required.

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Intergenerational Wealth Management

Intergenerational Wealth Management refers to the process of managing, preserving and passing on wealth from one generation to the next. This type of Wealth Management is focused on creating a sustainable financial plan that takes into account the needs and goals of multiple generations and can include a wide range of activities, such as tax planning, estate planning, investment planning, and risk management.

The goal of intergenerational Wealth Management is to ensure that wealth is passed on in a way that maximises the benefits for the current and future generations while minimising taxes and other costs. This can include strategies such as setting up trusts and other legal structures, creating a financial plan that balances current income needs with long-term growth and capital preservation and educating family members about financial literacy and asset management.

It is important to note that intergenerational Wealth Management is a holistic process that takes into account not only the financial aspect but also the social, cultural and personal values of the family to ensure that the wealth is aligned with the family values and vision.

Private Wealth Advisers Investment Selection section

"PWA researches all potential options for our clients to ensure we have best in breed and appropriate funds to achieve our clients’ goals.”

Wealth Management Overview

Investment Selection

Central to the investment selection process is the PWA Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee comprises the five PWA advisers plus a specialist investment research house.

Meeting quarterly, the Committee is responsible for the management of the PWA Approved Products List. Additionally, it reviews fund manager performance, benchmarks portfolio performance and identifies suitable new and emerging investment opportunities.

The PWA Investment Committee reviews and sets all tactical asset allocations for the coming quarter. These allocations form the basis of our customised client portfolios.

Cash Management Service

Our scale and longstanding relationships with New Zealand’s major banks allow PWA to secure premium on-call and term deposit rates for our clients.

Independent auditing of the Cash Management Service provides security and transparency.

Commitment to world-class service

An integral part of the firm, our talented Business Support Team manages client portfolio requirements efficiently
and professionally.

The team is responsible for PWA’s day-to-day operational, compliance, and tax reporting requirements, an essential contribution to our long-term client relationships.


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